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The world’s first music production AI.

Generate high-quality music just with text, and make changes with text.

How to create music easily in minutes?

Here’s a sample of a prompt you can use in WavTool:

“Create a dark melody with pianos and fast arps in the key of Cminor” “Add 1/16 hihats with random variations every bar” “Add thumpy 808” “Add snares and kicks” “Mix it like a top 40 trap song” “Name it and export as mp3”


  • Even if you’re a complete beginner, Conductor can guide you through the process, provide recommendations, and make changes directly in order to make your music sound its best.
  • Record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export all within the browser. No installations, no updates, no waiting. Just music-making, all the way.
  • With side-chain compression, advanced synthesis, flexible signal routing, and more, it’s time to make music that meets your standards.
  • WavTool’s Conductor AI takes plaintext English and explains concepts, makes suggestions, and guides you along the way to make your music-making as frictionless as possible.


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