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Helping game studios build more hits, with text-to-gameplay prototyping.

Unakin Features:

Unakin is an innovative AI copilot designed for game studios, offering the following features:

1. Chat-to-create: This feature does not require any technical expertise to use, allowing users to iteratively build prototypes without code or relying on developer resources.

2. Ground-breaking AI Tech: Unakin utilizes multiple AI models that aim to provide users with prototyping superpowers, thereby enabling them to build 100 times faster with unlimited creativity.

3. Community-driven: Users can join the Unakin community on Discord, get early access to the waitlist, and be the first to know about future game creation updates.

Overall, the Unakin AI copilot aims to assist game studios in finding the fun by researching, ideating, and building prototypes to create engaging games.

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