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My Mind

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This is a Chrome extension.

Bookmark anything with a click. Perfect for saving ideas, inspiration, references, articles, and anything you want.


  • Search any keyword you remember from a meme, handwritten notes, or photo containing text, and mymind can read the image and find it for you.
  • Ideas no longer slip away. Take quick notes on the go and enter Focus Mode to expand on them later. Clean and simple.
  • No URL is treated the same. Your new mind knows if an item is an article, a product, a book, or even a recipe. every link is saved in a beautiful way that makes sense.
  • Search by color, keyword, brand, date – whatever you think of first. Associative search & visual cues work with your brain to find it instantly.
  • Create Smart Spaces that auto-sort what you save, on your terms. Your mind automatically knows where it goes.


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