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Discover, Use, and Create AI Apps for Everyday Life and Work.

SpellPrints Features:

SpellPrints is developing a platform that enables creators to establish and monetize generative AI-powered applications. With access to over 1,000 AI models, payment options, UI components, and a prompt chaining interface, creators can conveniently convert their expertise into a profitable business.

No Code: Creators can create monetizable apps from prompts or AI models without the need for coding. These applications can then be shared through the UI, API, and SpellPrints marketplace. SpellPrints is building both a platform to develop these apps and a marketplace for users to obtain and use them.

Creator Pay: Creators earn money by setting a price for each use of their AI app. Users pay to access and use the app, and creators receive a portion of the revenue generated. SpellPrints takes a 20% sales commission on all app sales in return for the use of the platform. Creators are also responsible for any costs associated with running AI models. The creator retains the remaining revenue after these expenditures are deducted.

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