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Turn your favorite GPT prompts into AI tools for your end users.

FormWise.AI Features:

Easily deploy customized GPT applications without the need for coding. Design AI tools, forms, and widgets for your end users using FormWise.

Streamline your onboarding process with our SEO Onboarding Form. It includes keyword research fields and copy generation, allowing GPT to handle heavy lifting for your team’s SEO needs.

Create a digital marketing planner and let your end users fill out business details using marketer-friendly prompts. This form generates copy, suggestions, emails, and more in just one form.

Impress your customers with the Q&A Generator, which provides direct answers to their questions using your knowledge base or FAQs. No more back and forth with ChatGPT – FormWise gets straight to the point.

FormWise can also be used to generate industry-specific content, such as emails, copy, and more. Customize the backend prompts to match the unique needs of your industry.

Building an ingredient recipe generator is easy with FormWise. Build meal plans, fitness routines, or recipes with granular prompts that respect dietary needs or restrictions.

Create a language translator that can be embedded anywhere, with prompt instructions on what to do after translating text. Email or integrate responses anywhere with ease.

Plan your next trip with our AI travel advisor, which creates detailed itineraries based on your interests, trip length, budget, and more. Whether recommending vendors to clients or handling end-to-end trip planning, AI helps make the process smoother and stress-free.

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