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Infinite Drum

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The Google Creative Lab’s Infinite Drum Machine is an AI-powered music creation tool that allows users to produce beats using sounds from the world around them. These include contributions from the Philharmonic Orchestra, London, among others.


The Infinite Drum Machine, a brainchild of Kyle McDonald, Manny Tan, Yotam Mann, and other Google Creative Lab members, is an AI tool that lets users produce custom beats using everyday sounds, including samples from the Philharmonic Orchestra, London.

This versatile tool boasts of a vast library of 6330 sounds and an overlay tag system to easily identify specific sounds.

The AI-powered drum machine allows users to create unique and original beats, leveraging technology to enhance creativity.

The Infinite Drum Machine is an open-source project that welcomes contributions from users and offers plenty of learning opportunities through its GitHub repository.

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