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Customize Your Learning with a Personal Course Builder and AI Tutor.


  • Personalized Learning: The platform offers a personal course builder and AI tutor, allowing you to customize your learning experience.
  • AI-Generated Courses: Based on your preferences and educational needs, the AI generates courses. You can also view sample courses to understand the type of content and teaching style.
  • Range of Topics: The platform offers courses on various topics, like digital marketing, indie hacking, and the pre-big bang universe.
  • Customized Learning Style: You can choose your preferred learning style, including microlearning, storytelling, conversational, or active learning.
  • Customized Curriculum: After understanding your needs, Chat2Course creates a curriculum with exclusive content tailored to your learning requirements.
  • Interaction with AI Instructor: You can chat with ChatGPT, the AI instructor, to get deeper insights and clarify doubts about course topics.
  • Editable Course Content: You have the option to edit and refine the course content to meet your learning objectives and audience needs.

In essence, Chat2Course simplifies the course creation process and offers a personalized learning journey.

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