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TinyEinstein: AI Marketing Manager, 10x Shopify growth boost.

TinyEinstein Features:

TinyEinstein is an AI-powered marketing manager that can expedite the growth of Shopify stores by 10x with minimal time and effort commitment. Here are some of its main features and benefits:

– Automated email creation: Replaces the need for a separate email service provider by automatically creating and sending customized emails that align with the brand.
– Multiple email types: TinyEinstein allows the creation of various email types, such as welcome emails, purchase thank-you emails, newsletters, and other automated emails.
– Time-saving: The tool requires almost zero time investment from users, thereby allowing them to focus on other important aspects of their business.
– Increased revenue: TinyEinstein can aid Shopify stores in expanding 10x faster, resulting in increased revenue and sales.

Some of the applications of TinyEinstein are:

Speeding up the development of Shopify stores securely
Substituting the manual creation and handling of emails
Enhancing returns with automated and brand-compliant email campaigns.

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