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Brand AI Model

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Contextually Generate Marketing Content

Brand AI Model Features:

Contlo provides a comprehensive Brand AI Model that enables businesses to streamline all their marketing efforts by using their customized AI model to design personalized marketing materials like emails, images, copies, and more.

Setting up a Brand AI Model begins with providing input on various aspects, such as brand story, design language, tonality, identity, and aesthetic features that constitute the brand. The AI model comprehensively understands the brand and generates personalized marketing actions such as creative design, autonomous customer journeys, campaign segments, etc.

After training the Brand AI Model within a few minutes, businesses can create consistent emails, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns, resulting in an enhanced click-through rate (CTR) and open rates. The platform generates impactful email subject lines and preheaders while also leveraging auto-generated SMS and WhatsApp texts for better customer retargeting.

Contlo also offers an extensive collection of AI-based assistant tools, including 117 AI social media assistant tools, 84 AI email assistant tools, and 85 AI design assistant tools, which businesses can browse under different categories.

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