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Kreateable is an online graphic design tool which uses generative AI technology to create powerful designs.

Kreateable Features:

Kreateable is a comprehensive platform that empowers users to easily create visually stunning logos, social media posts, advertisements, invoices, brand kits, and more, with additional functionalities such as magic resizing, AI-generated writing, text-to-image conversion, and image background removal.

Encompassing a vast range of design services, Kreateable provides users with unlimited icons and logo formats to choose from through its Smart Logo Listing feature, streamlining the logo creation process. The platform’s Text and Image Automation allows for easy creation of social media posts and ads, and the Smart Play feature simplifies the creation of social media videos.

The AI Writing feature further aids with content creation, while Magic Resize and Synchronize enables effortless resizing of designs. Plus, Kreateable offers aesthetically pleasing templates for business and marketing needs, giving that extra professional touch that adds value to design and branding efforts.

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