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Get weekly summaries of your feeds.

It lets you choose youtube channels/articles you are already interested in and after you choose them, it will send you weekly summaries of key points from these channels.


  • Instantly add all your subscriptions with a single click.
  • Save 364 hours per year with personalized digests.
  • Easily navigate with automatic video categorization.

A quote from its founder:

“Over the past several years the number of content creators is consistently and exponentially growing. while I like the fact, that i can learn any topic nowadays on the internet for free, i found 2 problems: people post too many content, so I can’t read / watch all of them; and there is a continuous repackaging of the same information, which i already know. I thought why not give an AI a task to watch all the content I am watching and then send me summaries to my inbox in a format of a digest.”

Some summary example:

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