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Talk to your data, and your data talks, regardless of where it is or how it looks.


  • Listening and Understanding: The new kind of analytics doesn’t just process data. It actively listens and understands, indicating a shift towards more interactive and intuitive technology.
  • Unstructured Data Comprehension: The analytics can understand and make sense of unstructured data, which typically includes text, images, videos, and other non-tabular data. It can extract valuable insights from such data, which were largely ignored by previous systems.
  • Artificial Intelligence Integration: AI has grown sophisticated enough to explore the complexities of unstructured data, revealing answers to questions that may not have been asked before. The implication here is that AI is being used to perform complex tasks and deliver deeper insights.
  • Improved Efficiency: This new approach is contrasted with older data analytics tools, which took hours to assemble and often provided results that were not worth the effort. It implies that the new analytics tool is faster and delivers more valuable insights.
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