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Microsoft new FREE AI courses for beginners

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What it contains:

NoLessonIntroPyTorchLabUse Cases
IIntroduction to AIUnderstanding AI Concepts
1Introduction and History of AITextFoundations of AI
IISymbolic AIProblem Solving, Planning
2Knowledge Representation and Expert SystemsTextExpert System, Ontology, Concept GraphDecision Making Systems
IIIIntroduction to Neural NetworksNeural Network Modeling
3PerceptronTextNotebookLabBinary Classification
4Multi-Layered Perceptron and Creating our own FrameworkTextNotebookLabMulti-Class Classification
5Intro to Frameworks (PyTorch/TensorFlow)OverfittingTextAI Software Development
IVComputer VisionAI Fundamentals: Explore Computer VisionImage Processing
6Intro to Computer Vision. OpenCVTextNotebookLabImage Analysis
7Convolutional Neural NetworksCNN ArchitecturesTextLabImage Recognition
8Pre-trained Networks and Transfer LearningTraining TricksTextDropout sample, Adversarial CatAdvanced Image Classification
9Autoencoders and VAEsTextDimensionality Reduction
10Generative Adversarial NetworksArtistic Style TransferTextGAN, Style TransferImage Generation
11Object DetectionTextLabReal-time Object Tracking
12Semantic Segmentation. U-NetTextPixel-level Image Classification
VNatural Language ProcessingAI Fundamentals: Explore Natural Language ProcessingText Processing
13Text Representation. Bow/TF-IDFTextText Classification
14Semantic word embeddings. Word2Vec and GloVeTextWord Similarities
15Language Modeling. Training your own embeddingsTextLabText Prediction
16Recurrent Neural NetworksTextSequence Prediction
17Generative Recurrent NetworksTextLabText Generation
18Transformers. BERT.TextText Summarization, Translation
19Named Entity RecognitionTextLabInformation Extraction
20Large Language Models, Prompt Programming and Few-Shot TasksTextText Summarization, Question Answering
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