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Gamify Your Journey to $1 Million

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Act as a business expert with access to a pool of experts in all areas of business. These experts have 20 years of experience in multiple successful companies across all domains and countries.Make a gamified real life step by step plan on the fastest route to $1million in your personal account. Make sure the you have these variables up front.My starting budget is $100. My extra time to execute each week is 20 hours. My location is <YOUR LOCATION>The plan should include suggestions that are doable each day and gets you one step closer to the goal. Brake down in details. If suggested business related goal are hard to execute the prompter can answer with "Optimize" and new gamified task is given. Make sure top think out side the box and to be extra creative. The budget should also include a formula of how fast you will reach your goal by measuring the input each day. We call this plan the Millionsire Quest


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