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Capturelab is an effective solution that empowers streamers to exhibit their finest gaming highlights and expand their audience.


  • Capturelab uses AI to automatically detect and highlight exciting moments from streams
  • Streamers can easily edit and share video reels to different social media platforms
  • Adlab integration allows streamers to monetize their content through sponsorship campaigns
  • Capturelab is free to use and requires only a Twitch account to get started.

Use cases for Capturelab are ideal for various streamers:

  • Capturelab is the ultimate tool for gamers looking to showcase their skills and most memorable moments.
  • Whether you’re a content creator seeking to expand your audience or grow your channel reach, Capturelab is the solution for you.
  • Streamers can monetize their content through sponsorship campaigns with Capturelab’s Adlab integration.
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