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Change your voice to any of our custom curated voices for professional performances.

Altered Features:

Altered Studio is a professional-grade AI voice changing software, trusted by major media studios. Some of the key features and benefits are:

1. AI voice alteration: Altered Studio can transform your voice into any AI voice from a curated portfolio or custom voices, making it an ideal choice for podcasters, streamers, and content creators who want to add an extra layer of creativity to their projects.

2. Industry trust: The software is trusted by renowned studios such as Rebound Sound Company, Rev Rooms, Gimlet, and many others, ensuring that you’re using a high-quality and reliable tool.

3. Enhanced user experience: Altered Studio’s user experience is customized to give a personalized experience. It utilizes cookies to analyze data, provide social media features, and customize content. This feature ensures clients’ privacy.

In conclusion, Altered Studio’s AI voice changing software is an essential tool for creators who want to create dynamic and engaging content. Its wide range of features includes an extensive voice portfolio, with support for custom voice changes tailored to the creator’s preferences. The tool’s industry trust swears its reliability, while the customized user experience ensures a safe and secure experience.

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