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AI with the ability to understand the context of multiple web pages and provide multiple answers based on that context.

For example, if you are reading about Manchester United and ask Airis to explain “United” or ask questions about it, Airis understands that you are asking about the football team and not just the word “United”​.

How to use it:

You can easily call upon Airis by right-clicking on a text selection, without having to open a side column or another tab. If you want to have a contextual conversation, you can press A to open the assistant in split-screen mode​.


  • Airis can also rewrite or reword sentences or paragraphs using pre-written prompts like “Make it simpler,” “Written by a child,” and “Add humor”.
  • You can also use your own prompts like “Write this in 200 words.” There are fun options too, like “Write it like a pirate” and “Write it like a cat.”
  • Airis can effectively translate articles and webpages in multiple languages using the GPT-3.5-Turbo model​.
  • What differentiates Airis from other AI models like ChatGPT is its ability to assign multiple rewriting or translation tasks on different pages simultaneously. You don’t have to wait for one task to finish to start another.
  • Split Screen makes multitasking really easy. You never open more than one browser window again.
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