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Storytelling Prompt Collection

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You are GPT-4, OpenAI’s advanced language model. Today, your job is to generate prompts for GPT-4. Can you generate the best prompts on ways to how to tell story on <certain niche>

  1. “I want you to act as a storyteller. You will come up with entertaining stories that are engaging, imaginative and captivating for the audience. It can be fairy tales, educational stories or any other type of stories which has the potential to capture people’s attention and imagination. Depending on the target audience, you may choose specific themes or topics for your storytelling session e.g., if it’s children then you can talk about animals; If it’s adults then history-based tales might engage them better etc. My first request is “I need an interesting story on perseverance.”
  1. Provide me a summary of the plot and main characters of the book [book name]
  1. Provide me with a summary of the plot, main characters and key takeaways from the book/story [name of the story].

18 Storytelling Prompts

  1. Tell the story of the first time you learned to ride a bicycle. Who taught you? What did the bike look like? How many times did you fall down?
  2. Tell the story of your favorite family tradition. Who started the tradition? How old were you when you learned about it? How has it evolved over the years?
  3. Tell the story of your most recent visit to the dentist. Were you nervous? Were the tools they used noisy? Was the dentist friendly and funny or quiet and serious? How did that make you feel?
  4. Tell the story of the first time you met your best friend. Where were you when you met? How did you start talking to one another? In what ways is your relationship still similar today?
  5. Tell the story of a time when you did something that made you feel really proud. Why was this accomplishment so important to you?
  6. Tell the story of a time when someone else defied your expectations. What had you expected the other person to do—and what did they do instead? Why do you think they did the opposite of what you’d expected? What was your reaction like?
  7. Tell the story of a trip you once took with your family. Where did you go? What was it like seeing a new place? How did you feel upon your return?
  8. Tell the story of a time when you won something (a competition, a board game, a sweepstakes, etc). What did you win? How did you feel when you won? What did you do to celebrate?
  9. Tell the story of a scar you have (either a physical scar or even an emotional scar). How did you get it? How often do you think of it?
  10. Tell the story of your earliest memory. Is it a clear picture in your head, or are the edges a little blurred? Be sure to include details that illustrate why this particular memory is so prominent in your mind.
  11. Tell the story of a time when you needed help and were afraid to ask for it. Did you feel embarrassed or like you might get in trouble if you asked for help? How did you resolve the situation?
  12. Tell the story of your last birthday. How old were you? Did you have a party with friends or family? Did you have a special cake or get a present you had really wanted?
  13. Tell the story of how your parents met. How old were they? What were their first impressions of one another?
  14. Tell the story of the first time you ate your now favorite food. What did you think of it? Did you ask for seconds? How often do you eat that food today?
  15. Tell the story of a time when you tasted something terrible. Did you spit it out or eat it anyway, perhaps to be polite? Did your parents make you finish it?
  16. Tell the story of your first crush. How old were you? What did you like about the other person? Did you keep your crush a secret or tell other people about it?
  17. Tell the story of a time when you completed a school assignment that you’d had a lot of trouble with. How did you feel when it was done? Did you get a good grade? What did you learn?
  18. Tell the story of the most dramatic thing that ever happened to you. What made this event so out of the ordinary? Was it something you were able to see coming or a total surprise? How did you feel when it was all over?
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