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“I want you to act as a screenwriter. You will develop an engaging and creative script for either a feature length film, or a Web Series that can captivate its viewers. Start with coming up with interesting characters, the setting of the story, dialogues between the characters etc. Once your character development is complete – create an exciting storyline filled with twists and turns that keeps the viewers in suspense until the end. My first request is “I need to write a romantic drama movie set in Paris.”

The following prompts set particular scenes, characters, and situations.

  1. Think about your favorite film. Change the ending.
  2. A dead body is the library floor. The window is wide open and a breeze is moving the curtains. The globe is broken next to the body. A copy of the Bible is placed on the back of the body.
  3. A woman sits on the edge of a bridge. A man slowly approaches her and talks to her in a low and soothing voice. She responds to his attempt to establish communication. They start talking, and the woman starts crying. He helps her get up. She moves away from the edge while holding the stranger’s hand.
  4. Two male characters enter a seemingly deserted building. Shortly after the building explodes. The two characters are seen fleeing the crime scene.
  5. A pilot gets into a futuristic aircraft and leaves many worried faces on the ground.
  6. A group of actors rehearse on a theater stage. The director isn’t pleased with the performance. He jumps on the stage and starts giving directions to the lead actor. He advises him not to use elaborate gesticulations while acting and be more subtle.
  7. Two main characters from two different movies meet and have a conversation that leads to one character killing the other one.
  8. In an apocalyptic world building and cars are left empty and only a handful of pregnant women are roaming the empty streets frightened and deteriorated.
  9. A person is in his study. The shelves are stacked with books, old maps, and globes. The person is writing on a parchment using his quill. He seems apprehensive. He takes a small knife he uses for opening his letters and he runs the tip of the blade through the candle flame. Then, he makes a small cut and a few blood drops fall on the table. He dips the quill in the blood and as he gets prepared to sign his name at the bottom of the page, black letters spontaneously appear on his arm.
  10.  Three people are riding the elevator when it suddenly stops. One of the people starts panicking as she is claustrophobic. The other person calms her down, while the third one tries to find some help. It becomes obvious that they would spend some time together stuck on the 11th floor. They start talking, when the woman who is afraid of closed spaces discovers the identity of one of the people there.
  11. A dinner scene. A large dining table, with different kinds of food and expensive cutlery. The guests are well-dressed and well-rehearsed in etiquette. A senior member of the family announces a change in his will. Everybody on the table is horrified.
  12.  A married couple is having a fight about the wife’s infidelity. Things get heated, and then the husband confesses to having multiple affairs. Suddenly both of them stop talking. There is heavy silence between the two spouses.
  13. A person who claims to be innocent is interrogated by two detectives in an interrogation room. He is claims that he hasn’t even met the murder victim.
  14. A man is talking on the phone when a truck crashes into him, causing the car to fall into the abyss.
  15. A person packs her belongings into card boxes because she plans to move into a new apartment. She finds a photo of her and her best friend. A moment of happiness on her face is quickly substituted for a sad, nostalgic smile.
  16. A woman is swimming in a pool when suddenly a man in a wet suit attacks her and pulls her down. She is fighting for her life, but the man manages to overpower her completely.
  17. A helicopter is hovering above a snowy mountain top where some hikers got lost.
  18. A hacker steals his stepfather’s medical records.
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