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A tool to transform, extract, or summarize any text in Google Sheets and Excel.

PromptLoop Features:

PromptLoop is an AI tool that has been built to integrate GPT-3 into Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets using a simple formula. This tool has several key features and benefits, such as categorizing, summarizing, and transforming text data within spreadsheets, which are all powered by AI. With versatility in its use cases, PromptLoop can analyze sales lists, create SEO keywords, draft customer messaging, and more. This tool offers accessible AI, with the ability to build AI-powered spreadsheet models without extensive expertise or programming. Moreover, PromptLoop offers customizable workflows to leverage text generation, summarization, web search, and custom endpoints to speed up workflow. Lastly, users can train custom AI models by using a simple spreadsheet or CSV without needing an engineering team.

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