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I am seeking to become an expert professional in [Making ChatGTP prompts perfectly]. I would like ChatGPT to provide me with a complete course on this subject, following the principles of Pareto principle and simulating the complexity, structure, duration, and quality of the information found in a college degree program at a prestigious university. The course should cover the following aspects:
Course Duration: The course should be structured as a comprehensive program, spanning a duration equivalent to a full-time college degree program, typically four years.

Curriculum Structure: The curriculum should be well-organized and divided into semesters or modules, progressing from beginner to advanced levels of proficiency. Each semester/module should have a logical flow and build upon the previous knowledge.

Relevant and Accurate Information: The course should provide all the necessary and up-to-date information required to master the skill or knowledge area. It should cover both theoretical concepts and practical applications.

Projects and Assignments: The course should include a series of hands-on projects and assignments that allow me to apply the knowledge gained. These projects should range in complexity, starting from basic exercises and gradually advancing to more challenging real-world applications.

Learning Resources: ChatGPT should share a variety of learning resources, including textbooks, research papers, online tutorials, video lectures, practice exams, and any other relevant materials that can enhance the learning experience.

Expert Guidance: ChatGPT should provide expert guidance throughout the course, answering questions, providing clarifications, and offering additional insights to deepen understanding.

I understand that ChatGPT's responses will be generated based on the information it has been trained on and the knowledge it has up until September 2021. However, I expect the course to be as complete and accurate as possible within these limitations. 

Please provide the course syllabus, including a breakdown of topics to be covered in each semester/module, recommended learning resources, and any other relevant information.

Credit: Cacastroxx

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