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Maket is a revolutionary generative design software that utilizes AI to produce architectural plans rapidly for architects, builders, and developers. The software offers the following features and benefits:

  • AI-generated design: The software produces numerous floor plans that cater to the project’s programming needs and environmental limitations.
  • Project constraints recognition: Users can select land and building sizes and shapes, along with desired adjacencies between rooms.
  • Instant creation and testing: The software quickly generates initial design concepts that users can test and visualize in 3D.
  • Collaboration and export: Maket offers a user-friendly interface for real-time collaboration, with exports available in PDF and PNG formats.

Maket caters to various professionals, including:

  • Architects, builders, and developers searching for efficient and cost-effective AI-powered design solutions.
  • Design teams looking for a collaborative and straightforward tool to generate architectural plans.
  • Small and large businesses aiming to streamline their design process with an affordable solution.
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