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Search engine that extracts, aggregates, and distills scientific research.

Consensus Features:

Consensus is a search engine driven by AI technology, crafted to provide speedy access to answers obtained from scientific research. Its main features and advantages encompass:
– Rapid accessibility to research: AI technology comprehends peer-reviewed research and extracts significant discoveries.
– Unbiased and ad-free: Results rely solely on evidence extracted from peer-reviewed research, free from marketing ploys.
– Wide-ranging scope of topics: Equipped to address queries in fields ranging from health and mindfulness to technologies and beyond.

Consensus’s use cases are well-suited for various users, such as:

– Researchers who require swift access to scientific discoveries.
– Students who seek authoritative information for their studies.
– Inquisitive individuals who aspire to expand their knowledge on a particular topic.
– Interested parties can avail themselves of free search trials and sign up for the free beta to experience Consensus’s advantages.

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