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Reduce cost & time of fashion photo creation, with 10x more outputs.

Botika Features:

Botika is a software platform powered by AI that helps online apparel retailers create highly realistic product photos of clothing items. It comes with several key features and benefits:

• Generative AI technology: Creates an infinite variety of on-model images, eliminating traditional photoshoots and their associated costs.
• Ecommerce platform integration: Seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms.
• Broad image diversity: Generates images with a wide range of diversity, including ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, and background.

Use cases for Botika are suitable for a variety of apparel retailers, including:

• Online apparel stores that wish to produce high-quality product photos rapidly and affordably.
• Fashion brands that aim to feature inclusive and diverse imagery.
• Ecommerce businesses that aim to optimize photos for various demographics while reducing returns.

Botika offers a groundbreaking solution for the fashion industry by implementing synthetic media to produce realistic and comprehensive images of clothing products.

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