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Skincare app & AI-powered guide to perfect skin with 99.1% accuracy.

AweMyFace Features:

The AweMyFace – Skincare App is a holistic solution for achieving healthy and glowing skin, equipped with state-of-the-art AI-enabled capabilities to assess and enhance skin quality. Prominent features and benefits of the app include:

– AI-driven detection of acne: Highly accurate, with a success rate of 99.1%, in identifying acne and monitoring skin changes
– Tracking of daily routines: Tracks and evaluates daily habits, such as diet, sleep patterns, physical activities, and stress levels, to comprehend their impact on your skin’s vitality
– Progress evaluations: Generates daily, weekly, and monthly reports to track your skin’s progress
– Offline functionality: All functionalities available offline, and user data is safely secured on the device

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